Friday, January 16, 2015

Sun Bathing in January

Our dog, Bailey, loves to be in the sun. Only problem is there are very few spots where she can lounge while soaking up her vitamin D. The hallway from the kitchen to the rest of the upstairs is about the only spot. Inconvenient, but she's little and easy to step around. 

Bailey- CB (7)
The kiddo always wonders how Bailey can stare into the sun. Apparently she doesn't.

Bailey- CB (2)
If she sits here a little longer the sun will be right on her. 

Bailey- CB (1)

Bailey- CB (11)

Emma has been working on a trick with Bailey. She took a photo of it. 

Bailey- CB (3)

Bailey doesn't flip and catch it, but she will let the treat sit on her nose until she is told to get it. 

That is it for now. Hope January is treating you all well!