Monday, February 9, 2015

January Sunshine

It's hard to tell what CB's favorite subject is, huh?

We have had some gorgeous days here in Montana this January. CB has taken full advantage of them. 

Bailey in the Backyard Jan15 CB (22)
Bailey chewing on dead plants

Bailey in the Backyard 8Feb15 CB (9)

Green in Feb 8Feb15 CB

Bailey in the Backyard 8Feb15 CB (20)
She's flying!

4-H Photo Project  Lighting 8Feb15 CB (3)
4-H Project: CB photographed this tree every two hours to observe how the lighting changed throughout the day. 

Model Posse by CB (5)
Photo shoot for the horses

Model Posse by CB (16)

Model Posse by CB (35)

What is your favorite photographic subject?